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Time for summer school!

Good morning readers.

I am sitting at my desk with my new fancy laptop (still loving it) and a tall glass of iced coffee. Today is my first day of summer class – ever! I never took summer classes during my undergrad career, but am taking full advantage of all learning opportunities while here at UNC for my masters. For the next 11 weeks, I will be full-time during the week, between my one summer class (Public Health Nutrition) and a summer internship at a local non-profit.

Harley is staying at the farm with my mom for the next month or so, so that I don’t have to worry about leaving him for such long hours during the day. I know he’d be fine (after all, I had him at the farm while working full-time at the hospital), but this way he gets some grandma bonding and canine social interaction. From what I hear, he’s spending 90% of his days on a bed/couch. Oh, and he’s gained 5 lbs with the summer heat and needs to lose a little weight. Poor Harley…

Speaking of the farm, that’s where I escaped to last week to see my mom for Mother’s Day. We had a great time together – lots of thrifting (that’s what we do best), fun meals, daily naptime, and caught up on season finales for Big Bang and New Girl. A nice way to relax before my busy summer begins!

It’s also interesting to note how my morning routine doesn’t take much time without a dog… I didn’t realize how much time I’m saving by not having to feed/medicate/walk Harley each morning. I guess I can sleep later! My bus doesn’t come for 45 more minutes… so more time to read blogs and peruse pinterest Smile

Have a great day everyone!


Big white taxi

Thankfully, the whole process this morning of dropping off Matrix and getting my rental car went smoothly and quickly. I had prepared for long waits and brought several grad school readings, but only got through about half of that before the Hertz man was at the collision center, with my rental car ready.

So… what do you think I’ll be driving around this week?

Sadly, it’s not a fun little hatchback. Or a compact car. No, when someone else’s insurance is paying, they give you a full-size car, which to me feels like driving a school bus. But a school bus with a very smooth ride, might I add.

It’s a nice white Chevy Impala, with a slightly smoky/stale interior smell, but a nice drive and BONUS satellite radio. I listened to Martha Stewart radio during the drive home from Hertz and learned about some fun new vegetarian recipes 🙂

Perhaps I’ll get a picture of the car to show you all. If it can make it a few hours without becoming coated in yellow pollen!

we’re back in action

Dearest reader,

Thank you for checking back in. Apologies for the slight pause in blog entertainment – who knew that taking five courses in graduate school could be such a handful and leave one with little time to spare for blogging capabilities?

Anyway, since it is already April and there is only one month left in this crazy semester, I am resolving to blog everyday this month. That’s right, each day this month, you will find something fun to read on this blog. I promise. And then once May hits… I will do my best 🙂

Thoughts for today?

  1. I filed my taxes this year. This was the first time I completely did it on my own, and I’m slightly paranoid that the IRS is going to audit me. Not because I’m hiding anything (I’m a dietitian back in school full-time… what could I possibly have to hide?)… I just hope I answered all those boxes correctly and didn’t leave any numbers out.
  2. Nutritional biochemistry has consumed my life this semester. My faithful study group met this weekend for a total of 5 hours of studying protein biochemistry and fat-soluble vitamins. And yes, these are all topics I have learned before… but guess what? Biochemistry is not one of those topics that sticks with you for years down the road. Sorry professor. I mean, I get the gist of how proteins are metabolized, but all those little enzymes and transamination pathways are just a pain in the rear.
  3. Matrix is having his first visit to a collision center tomorrow for some repair. Turns out, driving in a parking lot of a busy shopping center is dangerous. Especially if you’re 16, just got your license, and back out into other people’s well-behaving cars (—> matrix). Just a little side dent, and I don’t have to pay a penny (especially thankful since the estimate is for $1400!!). I will admit to being excited about the rental car I get for a week – what type of new luxury vehicle will I be cruising with through the streets of Chapel Hill? Stay tuned…

spring semester happiness

Today marked the first day back in class for the 2012 spring semester of grad school! I thought I’d start the semester with another list of 7* things I’m happy about:

* (because 7 is my lucky number)

  • the maintenance man coming by this afternoon to fix my toilet and shower
  • Trader Joe’s amazing pesto pizza for dinner
  • comfy christmas gifts from the boyfriend (sweater, scarf and pillow pet!)
  • my 3 hour class this afternoon finishing an hour early!
  • possible part-time employment this semester
  • discovering Amazon’s trade-in program and making over $40 this afternoon!
  • my korean planner serving me well in these first days of 2012

current happiness-producers

I thought I’d write a palindromic list of 11 things that are making me happy today

  1. Today is the first day of my winter break!
  2. The sun is out
  3. I started by day with a Dunkin Donuts latte, using a coupon
  4. Breakfast was delicious, homemade french toast
  5. My DVR is full of my favorite shows ready for my viewing
  6. I addressed all my Christmas cards, ready to send
  7. Holiday-themed postage stamps
  8. Pulling out my new 2012 planner from Korea and starting the fun of organizing/decorating
  9. The New Boy puts a smile on my face
  10. Dinner out tonight, courtesy of Groupon
  11. Getting to see my mom this weekend

What is making YOU happy today?


  1. Yesterday, on my way to volunteer at a BMI screening (as part of a wellness fair)… I ate a Krispy Kreme donut (being handed out for free from some campus group). It seemed somewhat ironic/wrong, but it was delicious.
  2. Even though I am now in North Carolina, I still listen to the morning radio show that I love from East Tennessee. This also seems wrong, but enjoyable.
Have a great day everyone!



Welcome to my newest project

I have been wanting to start a new blog for sometime. For those of you who were following me at, you’ll know that this new blog is a better fit. “Everything in Moderation” was started in 2008, as I set off on my dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian.

Things have since changed. I finished the internship, passed the RD exam, and worked in a psych hospital for 2 years. I decided that work is boring, applied to graduate school, and am now in Chapel Hill, NC, working on my MPH.

Some things have not changed. I’m still a dietitian, and still into nutrition (thankfully), but I don’t want this to be a “healthy living / dietitian” blog. I have somewhat of an ADD mind when it comes to blogging. Sometimes I want to write about the latest nutrition research. Usually not though…. more like something funny that Harley (my 4 year old rescue canine) did, or a recent thrifting discovery, or a TV show I love, or a conversation I overheard on the bus that got me thinking… basically “everything but the kitchen sink”. Hence the name of the new blog. And yes, I spelled kitchen as kitchn because a) it was available, and b) it reminded me of the Morningstar Chik’n patties that I love.

So, enjoy the show. I’m going to attempt to blog something on a daily basis. I hear that’s good for readers, and probably good for my grad-school-induced stress.