Who writes this blog?

Elizabeth writes this blog. She is 27, a Registered Dietitian who recently finished graduate school (Masters in Public Health) at UNC and works in Diabetes education.

She lives with her boyfriend Matt, and their two dogs.  Harley is Elizabeth’s perfectly wonderful senior rescue dog (possibly shepherd/lab/hound mix), and Lola is Matt’s hyperactive mix-breed (maybe pug/pit/boxer/beagle??).

Harley T-giving 2012

This is Harley’s “Superman” pose

This is Lola in her "innocent" pose

This is Lola in her “innocent” pose

Elizabeth enjoys saving the world (‘s health) through nutrition education; saving the planet through recycling, thrifting, and eating plants; creating spreadsheets for every possible topic; and collecting vintage pyrex.

Please read and enjoy, write comments and let her know what you think. Her last blog of three years never became famous, so she would love to know that there are more than two readers for this blog.

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  1. Neuman says:

    I will always read your blog. It is endlessly fascinating. You are a female Sheldon Cooper.

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