winter weather wonderings

Greetings reader:

In no particular order of importance or chronology, here are some thoughts from my head:

  • I started my new job at the county health department this week. I think it will be really great. And I learned about a new diabetes drug, which was exciting for me Smile
  • There is a winter storm today, which allowed me to leave work early.
  • It’s 25 degrees outside and raining right now. I do not understand how this is possible. Thankfully, the DOT brined all the roads, so this morning’s sleet melted, but now I bet it will all freeze. But seriously, how can it now be raining if it’s below freezing? I don’t get it. However, I also live in the south, so I suppose I shouldn’t be expected to understand winter precipitation.
  • So far, my ‘snow day’ has included many episodes of The Mindy Project, a large pot of coffee and a frozen pizza. The gym was a possibility, but is clearly not safe in this weather, so I will now turn my attention to making study sheets about vitamins A, D, and C, as well as community engagement for public health nutrition initiatives. Jealous?

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