What I’ve been Up to

Hello dear reader – however many are left after my admittedly long hiatus from blogging.

Welcome to 2013. Lots of exciting things going on this year, including graduating from UNC with my MPH in public health nutrition, and starting a new job at the local health department. I’ll also be finishing up my lease, and (fingers crossed) finding a place to live with Matt and our dogs. So here’s to new adventures!

Just to catch you up from my last post in August 2012

  • I’ve been faithfully exercising with my mobile app “Gym-pact” and have not had to pay money at all. I’ve actually made a few bucks myself. This means no missed workouts. However, I’ll admit that I’ve been easy on myself, and have only been committing to 1-2 workouts per week, which some weeks are just a casual dog walk. Therefore, I’m going to try to kick things up a notch this year, with some actual heart rate – increasing exercise choices. Harley isn’t much into fast or long walks anymore (more on that below), so the gym and bike will need to be my new exercise buddies.
  • Harley has had some health scares late last year. Ever since around Thanksgiving, it had been hard to get him to eat well. Physical exam and blood work all looked great, but something was clearly up. The vet (who I swear dreams about cancer) did some x-rays, and showed me a few very faint spots which she believes are pulmonary nodules, and recommended a very expensive oncology workup at the nearby vet school. I chose not to proceed with costly tests that wouldn’t change how I care for him, but felt terrible having to leave him for almost a month while I visited by family in TX during the winter break, followed by a 3-day nutrition policy seminar in DC. I’ve been feeding him a variety of canned food, as well as homemade satin balls (recipe here, although I bake mine little mini hamburger sliders). His weight has been stable over the last month, and we’ll hope for the best! I actually wonder if these “pulmonary nodules” are just scarring from his car accident / heartworm complications from years ago.
  • I’m in my last semester of courses at UNC, which means no more evil metabolism coursework. My remaining classes are: micronutrients (my last biochem class ever!), translational research and grant-writing, and then my master’s paper, which at this point in time is a policy brief regarding nutrition wellness policies in hospitals throughout NC and SC.

I do plan to continue blogging (don’t all roll your eyes), and will hopefully have some fun things to write about. Perhaps more recipes, book reviews, random thoughts, etc.

Have a great Monday and week!


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