Fall is Almost Here!

Is anyone else as excited as I am for the arrival of fall???

Currently, I am sitting in a starbucks, wearing a sweatshirt, sipping Pumpkin Spiced Latte (too rich for me to drink normally, but they handed out free samples, so I’m indulging with my vanilla latte), studying insulin signaling pathways. How wonderful this morning is….. (and even though I am not at all excited about 2 more semesters of biochemistry, at least we’re studying insulin right now, which makes me think of diabetes, which I love*, so it makes it bearable).

So, yes, fall is almost here. Classes started back this week, and I have a lighter course load this semester (3 classes for credit is sooo much more realistic in graduate school than the 5 I took this past spring!). I am most enjoying my health law class, as it is a complete break for all things nutrition and biochemistry, but so important to know and understand in our current political and healthcare climate. We have only had 2 classes thus far, and so many things are finally ‘clicking’ that I didn’t understand before! And no, it’s not like being in law school  (thank heavens). I have made some interesting comparisons however, between the business-school type of students in this class, to my nutrition cohort in all my other classes. First of all, there are men in this class! Crazy… that’s somewhat of a foreign concept in nutrition. Secondly, business students ALL seem to have mac computers, multi-task furiously throughout the duration of our classroom lectures, and DO NOT have water bottles planted at every desk like us nutrition students Smile

Some other things that I’m looking forward to with fall’s impending arrival:

  1. Bike Rides in cooler weather
  2. Sweaters and scarves
  3. Fall-scented candles
  4. Baking with pumpkin!
  5. The return of all my favorite TV shows
  6. Holiday planning

That’s all for now folks. Have a great weekend!

* Disclaimer: when I say I “love” Diabetes, I don’t wish the disease on anyone, but I find it fascinating to study and learn about. It’s also my favorite topic for nutrition counseling. For us Type-A / control freaks, this is the type of disease I can appreciate – something over which the patient has direct control and can measure direct effects of their lifestyle.


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