Loving the Olympics

Hey all!

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Olympics, and I hope you have too. We started with a big gathering at my apartment to watch the opening ceremony, which involved 15 of my classmates and friends / significant others, lots of food, and an overwhelming amount of attention for Mr Harley.

So far, I think London has done a great job, and I’ve spent many an hour glued to my couch watching all the events. One of my classmates from middle school is an Olympic rower for Australia, so I’m hoping to catch her events!

I will say, however, that with this being the first summer Olympic games since social media exploded, it’s made for some interesting challenges. Namely, it’s impossible to wait for the evening NBC coverage without having already heard the results from facebook, twitter, NBC.com, various blogs, friends, radio, etc. I feel like I need to step away from my computer and TV entirely until the games are over!


In other non-Olympic-related-news:

  • This week marks the end of my summer internship! I have had a great experience at a local non-profit here in Chapel Hill that works on public health / wellness initiatives, and am even starting to think about how it could form the basis of my Masters paper (which I really don’t want to start yet….)
  • I am having a new roommate move in to the apartment in the next week or so. She’s a high school English teacher who finished graduate school here at Carolina and seems like a great fit. Plus, Harley approved of her Smile
  • I’m heading to Albuquerque this weekend to visit my sister for a week! She just moved last week for her PhD program at UNM in anthropology. New Mexico is a new state for me, so I’m excited to see what’s around, spend time with my sister, nephew (Sullivan the fox-dog) and mother, who is still helping my sister get settled in.

Hopefully I can start more regularly blogging soon, folks! The summer was busier than anticipated during the week, with both a full-time internship and summer course, and my weekends were reserved for hanging out with the BF, so now I can hopefully get back in the blogging groove for the fall!

Have a great day!


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