Elizabeth Goes to the Beach

Yesterday, on a very hot day in North Carolina, this was my view:


Matt and I both took the day off and went to the beach for a spontaneous day trip. I am not a huge beach person, ever since my first trip as a toddler when I swallowed too much sea water, threw a fit, and had my parents pack us up and drive all the way home. However, I’ve learned a few things that made yesterday enjoyable:

wear lots of sunscreen. I was fortunate enough to not receive any significant sunburns (apart from random splotches on my ankles). Matt, however, wasn’t quite lucky enough and is suffering from lobster-syndrome today Sad smile

wear a hat – I ran to Target the day before and found a nice hat on sale. The hat + sunglasses definitely protected my face!

bring reading material. I packed a few magazines and my latest book (Tina’s Carrots’n’Cake book that I found at a local thrift store last weekend), which made sitting in the heat a little more bearable.

have things to do on the beach (goes along with reading). Matt and I brought my parents Bocce Ball set (although I remembered this set was french, and called Petanque), which was a fun distraction from the heat. We set up a little ‘court’ on the sand, and had fun, despite the fact that most of the people walked right through our game with no attention paid. Rude Americans.

And lessons I still am learning:

bring a beach umbrella! – I can only imagine how much better it would have felt to sit in shade instead of full sun…


We had a fun 3 hours on the beach, followed by an incredibly delicious late lunch at Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn in Wilmington. The place reminded me a lot of the ‘weird’ restaurants in Austin, TX. So many vegetarian options! Thanks to Matt’s sister, Lauren, for the recommendation!

Iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts (I swear I can see their logo from a mile away!) continued to cool us off, for a little thrifting (you know me!) and walk around downtown Wilmington. To my complete surprise, there was a Coldplay tribute band playing a free Friday night concert downtown, but we weren’t able to stick around, due to the heat + very full stomachs = need to sit in air conditioning!

All in all, a fun day at the beach. Next time, we’ll bring more sunscreen for Matt, an umbrella for me, and plenty of ice cold drinks!


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