My cluttered brain

I am realizing the importance of more regular blog posts. Otherwise, I tend to have these long brain-dump posts, where I have about 85 things I want to / think I should post about.

It’s a nice Sunday morning here in North Carolina. I’m over at Matt’s place, enjoying Dunkin Donuts coffee + glazed donut while watching Nadal and Djokovic battle it out for the French Open final. While I’m disappointed that Federer didn’t make the final, it’s not a huge surprise anymore, and I’m not even sure who I should be cheering for right now. They’re both good awesome players.

Matt is currently out on the Raleigh Greenways for a 25 mile ride on his new road bike. I would be accompanying him (not for 25 miles though) except that my bike died 😦

But wait – you didn’t even know that I had a bike!!

Yes, last week I finally finished my bike shopping/comparing and all the accompanying neurosis. I settled on a lovely Carolina Blue womens bike by Trek, and have mastered the art of carrying it up my apartment stairs, and packing it up in my car.

I went on a quick 2-3 mile ride around Matt’s neighborhood the night I bought it, and we noticed that the front brake was rubbing the front wheel and making an annoying noise. After a few adjustments, Matt got it settled. The next night, after work internship, I took it out for ~5 miles on a local greenway trail in Chapel Hill, and enjoyed myself. Then for the weekend, I packed her up and headed to Raleigh. Matt and I planned for 10 miles on the Raleigh greenways yesterday morning. Unpacking both bikes from my car (reason #85890 that I love Matrix) we had a lot of trouble getting my front wheel back on straight, without the brake rubbing. And then Matt’s mountain bike gave him trouble with the chain (although that was actually Matt’s fault because he recently oiled it but didn’t wipe it off, so it was slipping all over the place).

ANYWAY, we started out on the greenway, but stopped after less than a mile, because the brake rubbing was getting annoying. A group of cyclists eventually stopped and helped us, with one guy whipping out his tools and loosening my brake. We got back on the trail and rode about 6 miles, but my wheel/brake issue didn’t ever really go away.

After a shower and lunch, we went back to the bike shop and had them look at the bike. At first, the guy thought it would just be a quick adjustment, but he had my bike back there for a quite a while. Every time I looked back there, he’d either be on the phone, or having another mechanic look at my bike. I knew something was up – how could I have messed up my bike after only 3 days?!

Finally he came back and told me that the bike was defective, that the fork was somehow not properly centered/aligned, and the wheel was never going to sit straight on the bike.

End of story – a new bike is being shipped down from Wisconsin as we speak, and I will pick it up sometime this week. I’m slightly relieved that it wasn’t something I was doing to the bike, but disappointed with my short-lived bike career. Oh well, this time next week I can go ride a (hopefully) wonderfully-working bike!


In other news, Matt and I enjoyed a fun evening out in Durham for the “Best of the Triangle” party. We sample lots of food and drinks (chocolate habanero iced coffee, anyone?) and then enjoyed some great live music. Jack the Radio is a pretty great local band!

always good people watching in Durham 🙂


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