Happy 1st of June!

Greetings to you all. I am blogging during my lunch work at my internship. So I’ll keep it brief and bulleted.

  • Matt and I had an awesome time in DC last weekend. I definitely wish we had closer to a week than just the weekend, as we wanted to see all the museums, shops, restaurants and try out the DC bikeshare program!
  • I have a new roommate for the summer, who is interning here in Chapel Hill, from Ithaca NY. I am looking forward to introducing her to southern weather, culture, and food. Her first day here, some NC native warned her about the “Chapel Hill liberals”. Luckily, she shares our left-leaning views, so I think she’ll fit right in.
  • I discovered that by grocery shopping on Sunday evenings, you can hit all the clearance food. A few weeks ago I found a grocery cart full to the top of baked goods (88 cent loaves of bread!), and this week I found the freezer chest of clearance food. Stocked up on some Smart Ones for work lunches for just $1!
  • I’m interning at a very health and wellness-focused nonprofit. They give all employees a 30 minute paid break for physical activity every day. How awesome is that!? So far, I’ve been mostly using my 30 minutes to get outside and take a walk, although we also have a room here with exercise DVDs and free weights.
  • Harley is still hanging out at the farm with my Mom. From all the iPhone pictures I have received, it seems like he spends 99% of his days either on the couch or the bed. I predict he’s going to have gained some serious weight when I bring him back!

Alright, time to get back to work! I have created a makeshift “standing desk” here in my cubicle – will have to try and take a picture for you all to see!


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