Time for summer school!

Good morning readers.

I am sitting at my desk with my new fancy laptop (still loving it) and a tall glass of iced coffee. Today is my first day of summer class – ever! I never took summer classes during my undergrad career, but am taking full advantage of all learning opportunities while here at UNC for my masters. For the next 11 weeks, I will be full-time during the week, between my one summer class (Public Health Nutrition) and a summer internship at a local non-profit.

Harley is staying at the farm with my mom for the next month or so, so that I don’t have to worry about leaving him for such long hours during the day. I know he’d be fine (after all, I had him at the farm while working full-time at the hospital), but this way he gets some grandma bonding and canine social interaction. From what I hear, he’s spending 90% of his days on a bed/couch. Oh, and he’s gained 5 lbs with the summer heat and needs to lose a little weight. Poor Harley…

Speaking of the farm, that’s where I escaped to last week to see my mom for Mother’s Day. We had a great time together – lots of thrifting (that’s what we do best), fun meals, daily naptime, and caught up on season finales for Big Bang and New Girl. A nice way to relax before my busy summer begins!

It’s also interesting to note how my morning routine doesn’t take much time without a dog… I didn’t realize how much time I’m saving by not having to feed/medicate/walk Harley each morning. I guess I can sleep later! My bus doesn’t come for 45 more minutes… so more time to read blogs and peruse pinterest Smile

Have a great day everyone!


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