fun times this weekend

Starting Saturday morning at the Carrboro’s Farmers Market
So, 5 miles from my apartment is one of the top 10 farmers markets in the country. And yet, I had never been. So this weekend I promised myself that I would go.

Carrboro is such a fun little town with a great community spirit. There were so families at the market, all enjoying the produce, plants/flowers, bakery products, and locally made goods. I may have treated myself to a Sweet Potato Maple doughnut for my breakfast (along with iced coffee which I proceeded to spill all over my car’s interior…) as well as picking up some delicious produce and a little basil plant for my balcony. It’s hard to believe that I paid someone a premium for homegrown zucchini – for the past 2 years I have grown so much zucchini that I would give it away to anyone I could!

Picking fresh strawberries
Matt and I headed to a local farm here in Chapel Hill to pick strawberries. In 30 minutes, we had picked 4 lbs of gloriously ripe and delicious strawberries – for only $6! So much better than the 99cent Aldi strawberries I had picked up last week, yet cheaper than the ones I saw earlier at the farmers market.

Some homemade whipped cream complimented them for a perfect summer dessert!

Getting $60 of free food for dinner with friends

We introduced some friends of ours to Groupon this weekend, with a wonderful deal at a Durham-area pizza place. Fried zucchini sticks, veggie pizza, and cheesecake made a filling and delicious meal Smile

Almost buying a road bike



Living in Chapel Hill, (and dating an avid cyclist), I have been thinking about getting a bike. It would make an easy 3 mile ride to campus, as well as enjoyable for all the local trails in my area. So today, we went bike shopping. I always pictured myself buying a nice, colorful and cushy cruiser. It certainly would be comfortable, but apparently not efficient, speedy, or easy for any type of hill. Not to mention it weighs a ton and would NOT be practical for having to carry to my upstairs apartment or in/on a car. The above pictured bike is a nice carbon/aluminum $1000 road bike that was on sale for $599 which I almost bought today. Until I test-rode it and found that I preferred a different bike. Matt fell in love with a $1200 road bike, also marked half-price (to clear out the 2011 models) which I predict he will buy this week. For now, I’m looking at a Trek hybrid bike instead (like this one), which seems to suit my needs a little better. I’ll be sure to show you what I end up purchasing!

Enjoying the wonders of Netflix
In the past week or so, I have been enjoying Netflix documentaries, both of which I highly recommend.


I had no idea what went into the Muppeteers’ work! A great story of hard work and perseverance


Can’t say this taught me anything new, but certainly reinforced and reminded me about my eating choices

Tonight, I introduced Matt to “Faulty Towers”. We watched The Germans episode, which is my favorite. How can you beat the talking moose, fire drill, and german scenes!?


And tomorrow is Monday, a new week. I don’t have too much going on in the next few days – some babysitting, a haircut, and school menu work. Wednesday morning, Harley and I are heading to the farm for a few days with my Mom and her pack of dogs Smile


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