summertime thoughts

Today officially feels like summer
I turned in my last final exam yesterday, so I am done with spring semester! (2 semesters of grad school under my belt, 3 to go).  I now have a 10 day break before summer class/internship starts, so my days are officially filled with ‘break-like activities’ such as:

  • making iced coffee every morning
  • working on my side projects as my only projects (= school menu proofs, mostly so my bank account doesn’t dry up completely)
  • planning crafting projects and cooking ideas from pinterest
  • getting excited about my memorial day trip to DC with Matt! Smithsonian here we come! Smile

My new laptop is wonderful

I picked up my HP dm4 laptop today at Staples ($500 was an amazing deal!) and am loving it so far. My previous laptops (2004 Dell for college, 2008 Dell for after-college) always seemed to come with lots of extraneous materials like random CDs and instruction booklets. This time, I opened the HP box, pulled out a laptop, battery, cord, and a single sheet of “how to set up your computer”. That was it. Wow. I guess they assume you can get everything you need online now. Nice and minimalistic.

Anyway, so far the dm4 is working great. Nice and fast, great audio, a really cool fingerprint scanner that I am already loving instead of typing in passwords to websites all the time, and an excellent-sounding keyboard. I have always been a sucker for the good sound of keys. Ask my mother. I used to collect old typewriters, keyboards or adding machines as a child, just to type on them and listen to the sound. That’s also my favorite part of the movie “You’ve Got Mail” – listening to Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan typing on their 1990s computers to each other 🙂

Now I just need to work on setting up folders, and getting microsoft office (a great perk of still being in school – free software!).

Food Trucks are Genius

So, today there was a food truck parked right outside my apartment for lunch. Better yet, it was a grilled cheese food truck. Called “American Meltdown” – they drive a bright orange truck and make excellent gourmet melts with local ingredients. I had the ‘Fordham’ with mozzarella, pesto and sundried tomatoes, and it was dee-lish, with perfectly crunchy bread and a gooey cheesy filling. Definitely hope I can visit them again some time!

Using chilled glasses for chocolate milk is also genius

Not much to say about this, other than when I got back from the gym this afternoon, I sure appreciated having a glass in the refrigerator, ready to be filled with some low-fat chocolate milk. I swear, the cold glass made it taste even better!

Yes, that’s right. I went back to the gym today

It’s been more days than I would like to count since I’ve been to the gym. We can blame final exams on that. Today, I remembered that if I actually put on gym clothes in the morning, I might actually go workout. And so I did. After running errands this afternoon, I stopped at the gym for a run/jog/walk session on the treadmill, followed by a few strength exercises. I don’t even know the last time I sweated so much. Gross.  I should probably do things like this more often, right?

Until I next write, keep calm and be nice to each other


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