Summer Weather is Here

Happy 1st of May!

It certainly feels like summer today – hot and humid outside. I have had a productive day, mostly at home getting work done, although I did get my car’s 105,000 mile service completed, and a new type of dog food for Harley to try. Apparently the Taste of the Wild salmon & sweet potato isn’t exciting him much anymore, so we’re going to switch to a sweet potato & bison variety by Natural Balance and see what he thinks. I can’t imagine a life without food/meal enjoyment!

I have my last final exam paper due tomorrow. This afternoon has included several hours working on it, and it’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t even make sense to me anymore. I keep writing and reading and editing, but nothing sounds right. That was when I realized I needed to get out of the house and take Mr H for a walk. A nice 30 minute walk in the setting sun was just what we needed. Now I’m watching the news, filing my online rebates for the new laptop (which will arrive tomorrow!) and brainstorming dinner options. Hopefully I can get the paper finished up tonight so that I can go to the Durham Bulls game tomorrow with some friends. It’s always helpful to have motivation 🙂

I’m going to experiment with a white sweet potato that I got this past weekend at the farmers market. Never heard of such a thing, although my mom informs me that they were quite common when we lived in Australia. Going to try baked wedges as a side dish. Yum yum.


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