Marathon (study) training

Top of the morning to you!

Today is our last biochem exam. Well, our last one of this semester. There are still two semesters to go of our favorite subject, but let’s not dwell on that fact. This is the last biochem activity in which I will partake for the next 4 months 🙂

My studying for this exam has been pretty minimal. I have yet to do much studying on my own, but am instead only studying with other classmates. I’m following the ‘less is more’ approach. Isn’t that a thing for marathon runners now? Instead of working on running super high mileage every week, they focus on cross-training and speed workouts, and end up running fewer miles during training but performing better on marathon day? Well, that’s exactly what my approach has been for this exam. Study hard with my classmates, but enjoy my rest in between study sessions and get other things accomplished (like writing all those other papers that have been due this week)!

So… the exam is in less than 5 hours. I energized myself this morning with coffee and raw cookie dough (and reminded myself that if I ate dozens of raw eggs, I could become deficient in biotin due to all the avidin in egg whites). Harley is looking at me with pathetic eyes, so my next stunt activity is to take him for a nice morning walk, biochem notes in hand. You can walk a dog while reading, right? Not sure I’ve attempted this before, but we’ll give it a go.

The exciting part of getting this biochem exam over with (besides finishing biochem for the semester!) is what I have to look forward to. Our class potluck is this afternoon/evening. That explains my raw cookie dough eating behavior – I have a batch of Hilary Clinton’s in the fridge, waiting to be baked this afternoon. As well as Matt’s infamous spinach dip that I made as his contribution.

After the potluck, I’m heading out of town for the weekend to reunite with some of my good RD friends from my Vandy internship. Plans include garage sale-ing, wearing fruit costumes at a farmers market, and lots of laughs. Can’t wait. And then Sunday includes computer shopping and a possible movie date!


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