Final sprint of the semester

I’m so close to the end of the semester. Just one exam (biochemistry) and two papers, and I’ll be done!

My plan for tonight was to spend it working on my obesity-related paper, until Matt called and invited me out to dinner at a wonderful Mexican place in Durham. Clearly I chose the Mexican food.

Thankfully, the paper isn’t due until 5pm tomorrow, and classes have ended for the semester, which leaves me with plenty of time tomorrow to finish things. Harley deserves a long walk in the morning first though. He’s been spending too much time cooped up in the apartment with all my end-of-semester business. Sorry Mr Harley!

Harleyhoodie3 A brief re-cap of other things in my life:

  • The snoopy fire king mug has already sold from my etsy store and will be off in the mail tomorrow.
  • Matt spent hours last night taking apart my laptop and trying to diagnosis it. No luck yet. Thankfully, I was paid today for one of my school nutrition consulting jobs, so I have money to buy another laptop if need be… which I think will end up happening soon.
  • Our classmates are hosting a celebratory pot-luck this Friday to celebrate the end of the semester. I wanted to make the delicious zucchini brownies that I discovered last year (when I was growing more zucchini than I knew what to do with), but sadly have no idea where the recipe is. This is my biggest problem with the plethora of online recipes – I do a terrible job of recording which recipes I use (and like/modify). It makes it near impossible to go back months later and find the recipe I used! My clever sister records all of her recipes in a large word document. Maybe this is why she’s going to be the one in the family with a PhD…
  • In the end, I may just make my standby recipe: Hilary Clinton’s chocolate chip cookies. They never fail to please.
  • I created lots of lists tonight for biochem review. List-making generally helps thinks sink into my brain…..

photo (1)

And now, time for bed. Good night!


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