Tired of energy drinks

Happy friday evening to you all. I am currently sitting at my kitchen table working on my nutritional biochemistry paper about energy drinks. And is oxymoronic as this sounds, it’s exhausting. I don’t particularly care for energy drinks (never have) and writing about them is even worse. Basically, if you want energy, this model seems to be coffee + lots of sugar + multivitamin = energy drink. I’m leaving out all the herbal stuff, that I don’t trust anyway. And if you’re heart isn’t working at 100% (like Harley and me), you’re best to leave them alone.

So, although it’s 9:32pm and I’d like to be crawling into bed with my book or magazine, I am determined to keep writing. After all, I still have 3 more papers to conquer this weekend (or at least make significant progress on)….

However, here are some happy thoughts to leave you with tonight:

  • my baby whispering skills continue to improve – I was able to spend a pleasant evening with my favorite 6 month old that I babysit for without any crying
  • dinner was provided by Whole Foods hot bar – asparagus, brussels, roasted butternut, mac’n’cheese and cajun red beans and rice. yum but $$$
  • I have a potentially exciting (or maybe exciting potential) job for this coming fall. If things continue to look positive, I will share with you in the coming weeks!
  • And Matt had a phone interview today for a new job in the area. All thanks to me and my genius internet-job-searching skills. Seriously, if my dietitian skills are ever not needed, I could do quite well in job finding and travel planning 🙂

Good night!


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