Staying busy and poor

Happy Thursday to you all!

I had a productive day of class today, and finished an hour early from my last class, which was a nice surprise. So nice, in fact, that my 30%% off Kohl’s coupon begged me to take him shopping. So I did and picked up a few items off the clearance rack including new workout and work pants (for the gym and summer internship, respectively).

And then I came home. And printed out my final exams (most are all written assignments/projects to do at home). And got the mail (=bills). And I realized that the next few weeks are going to keep me extremely busy and poor.

Why busy?


Because I have to write all of this in the next 1-2 weeks:

  • Nutritional biochemistry paper on energy drinks
  • Nutritional epidemiology critique of a meat/mortality study done at Harvard
  • Obesity final exam (5 pages explaining concepts such as energy balance, causes and determinants of obesity, surgical treatment, disease research, etc)
  • Theory-based paper focused on a childhood obesity prevention program

So, yes, that should keep me busy. Fortunately I have a completely open and free weekend, so I am planning to buckle down with my little netbook and get writing!

Yes, the little netbook. His big brother Dell is still lying in a coma. If I ever get a morning or afternoon free, I’m still planning on taking him into the local computer shop for a diagnosis before pronouncing him officially dead. But, if he doesn’t make it, then it looks like I’ll be going computer shopping in the coming weeks. Which means I’ll be stayin’ poor.

Why poor?

Because April has brought these unforeseen expenses:

  • New computer (potentially) $750
  • Car insurance $300
  • eHarmony (because I forgot to close my membership and they renewed it!) $100
  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Membership $200
  • Personal Training (because I forgot to close my membership and they renewed it!) $100

= close to $1500 that wasn’t planning in April’s budget. Yes, I budget carefully every month and have an iPhone app to track every dollar that I spend.

Looks like I better start doing more school menu reviews to make up the difference! And, of course, be thankful for the unexpectedly large tax return that I received a few weeks back. Every penny helps!


Random note: Starbucks is giving out free hot coffee/tea this Sunday in honor of Earth Day if you bring in your own reusable mug! Might interest anyone else that might be at a coffee shop studying…. 🙂


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