news from the hill

Chapel Hill, that is 🙂

Today has been a busy day. Finally retrieved Matrix from the collision center again, and received a ‘random’ audit from an insurance guy to come inspect the repair again. Hopefully this time everything looks up to par, and no more rental cars for me!

Biochem today was all about iron and zinc, and took me back to my iron-deficiency anemia days of my youth (living in England during the mad-cow epidemic, we stopped serving beef in the house, and my juice and noodle diet lead me to daily iron supplements). In support of the important mineral, I featured spinach in my dinner tonight: roasted mushrooms and potatoes tossed with garlic and pesto, atop a bed of spinach, and a crispy fried egg. Yum yum.

I received my scholarship award today at UNC’s annual nutrition department awards ceremony. It wasn’t a huge, exciting scholarship, but did provide for my trip to Charlotte this past weekend for NCDA. You might even see my picture on the nutrition dept’s website soon!

Too bad there isn’t a scholarship to buy a new laptop! Mr Dell gave me one last goodbye yesterday morning, and worked long enough for me to do a final back-up, before the screen faded out. It might actually be just some electrical/wiring issue, so before I completely pronounce him dead I’m planning on taking him to a computer repair shop behind my apartment complex. Even if it’s non-repairable (or would cost more than $200), I still have this little handy netbook to keep me going through the rest of this semester. And then I’ll start shopping around for a replacement.

I’m about to pour a glass of locally-produced chocolate milk, watch the last episode of Glee, and escape school work for a little bit. Less than 2 weeks to go until the end of the semester!


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