weekend in the queen’s city

Matt and I enjoyed our weekend in Charlotte. Sadly, no IKEA shopping happened, but plenty of other fun things did, including:

Playing at Discovery Place (Charlotte’s children’s interactive science museum)

nails I can officially say that I have laid on a bed of nails – felt very weird!

structure At the Build It! exhibit, a museum staff member commended Matt’s structure with a comment: “very good, a wide base helps make a stronger structure”. I’m not sure the competitive Asian girl at his table was so impressed.


Watching 3+ hours of professional bike racing during the Charlotte Criterium

Matt has now declared an interest in road biking. From my observations, I have learned that apparently the cost of bicycles is inversely proportional to their weight – these pro bikes all seemed to weigh no more than 5 lbs! It would certainly be nice to have such a light and portable bike (also easier to steal I would imagine). I also learned that many of these world-class athletes shave their legs, although we debated whether leg-hair can really lead to a loss of aerodynamicness (sp?).

Being updated on the state of dietetics in North Carolina, and all the work behind the scenes of the Dietary Guidelines.

The main reason behind this trip was the NCDA annual meeting. I won’t bore you with all the details, but it’s always fun to be in the same room with hundreds of other RDs! This was my first state-level meeting in North Carolina (I’ve been to the meetings in Georgia and Tennessee) and there was an impressive turn out – way to go NCDA!


In unrelated, sad news – my Dell laptop appears to be in a coma. He worked just fine this morning, but after a full day on campus, I came home to a laptop that wouldn’t turn its screen on. Not sure it’s even able to turn on at all anymore – how can this happen without warning?

laptops Me and my “new” laptop in 2008, after just moving to Nashville

Thankfully, I faithfully back-up my hard-drive regularly (last time was just 10 days ago), so I have almost all of my files intact. So… if it comes time to buy a new machine, I won’t be too lost. This laptop did last me 4 good years, so I can’t really complain. And no, I have no interested in switching to a mac. I am just debating whether to stick to a laptop (when I have a netbook that I prefer for portability) or possibly one of these new all-in-one machines that would be great on a desk?


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