returning to gangster life

Sad news: the insurance man came to “audit” the repair work to Matrix and found some issues with the paint job. So I had to make another trip to Durham to get it checked out, and they’ll need it back next week to re-paint that area.

Pro of this situation – the trip to Durham allowed some much-needed thrifting, which resulted in an update in my wardrobe (and new items for this weekend’s trip to Charlotte!)

Con of this situation – I may be back in the Chevy Impala with NY plates next week (= my gangster life).


In other news, today is Friday the 13th. Luckily, the only bad news was about the car having to go back to the shop. Biochem, in fact, delivered incredibly wonderfully awesome news today – the cumulative final is now optional!!! I mean, that’s pretty hard to beat, right? So now, I don’t have a single cumulative final to study for – they are mostly written papers this semester, which is still a lot of work, but not as much on the preparation side.

Matt and I had a decent dinner out at Carmine’s in Chapel Hill – like a family Italian place. I demolished my veggie pasta dish, and he had a southwestern pizza. I will just point out, as a former tomato farmer and all, that if you’re going to put slices of fresh tomato on a pizza, don’t use green, unripe or partially-ripened tomatoes. Who do you think you’re kidding? We can clearly see that the tomato slices are half red / half green. Doesn’t look good; doesn’t taste good. So don’t do it. And while I’m speaking to this restaurant directly – don’t allow your employees to clip their fingernails in the restaurant while customers watch. That’s just gross.

As I said previously in my gangster-life-discussion, we’re heading to Charlotte this weekend for the North Carolina Dietetics Association’s annual conference/meeting. Tomorrow is our fun day in Charlotte ( = IKEA shopping) and Sunday will be nutrition time. Harley has his bag packed for the kennel, and Matt has pancake batter left to rest overnight in the fridge for a delicious breakfast tomorrow before we hit the road!

Later gators!


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