french press hopes and dreams

My roommate got a nice Keurig coffee maker as a Christmas gift, which we have enjoyed using in the apartment in 2012. I, being the frugal and treehugger personality, bought a reusable cup to use instead of purchasing mass quantities of K-Cups. It has worked great for the past few months, but is now starting to make really weak coffee. As in, tan-colored water. We can’t decide if this is an issue with the reusable cup itself (I bought the ekobrew) or if something is wrong with Mr. Keurig. We’ve tried to clean out a few parts with a paperclip in case there was mineral build-up, but nothing has really helped.

So.. this past week I went back to my vintage, Corningware stovetop percolator that I found at a garage sale for 50cents. It may take 20 minutes to brew coffee, but it works.

But now I am longing for these sleek and colorful Bodum french press machines.

imageI’m thinking the green or red would look lovely. The 12 oz would be perfect for just me during the week, but for Matt’s weekend visits (or my enjoyment of multiple weekend cups of coffee) the 34 oz is probably more practical.

And then…. I saw this guy, and remembered that in a few months I will be preferring iced coffee to hot coffee.


Choices, choices. And I have a $10 Amazon credit for a recent groupon-like deal that I purchased.

Anyone have french press recommendations??


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