catch up saturday

Looks like I already broke my promise of posting every day in April. I even had a topic list prepared, with ideas to write about each day, but Thursday and Friday flew by before I could remember to post! So… here’s a catch-up post.

Thursday’s lesson: don’t go shoe shopping right after getting a pedicure

A friend and I treated ourselves to a spa pedicure Thursday after class, as a reward to finishing the biochem exam in one piece this week (and thanks to the Groupon we found a few months ago). My feet had not been spoiled like this since starting graduate school, so it was a nice gift. After getting my peds polished, I decided to continue my splurge and do some shopping at Target. I had eyed some nice spring canvas shoes in their weekly ad (Toms refuse to fit my feet, and these are much cheaper.. especially with my Target Red card discount!). I assumed that in the time it took for my to finish at the nail salon, walk to my car, drive to target, and peruse the aisles of wonder, that my toes would be dried. So I shoved them in a few pairs of shoes to check for size, picked the pair I liked they had in my size, and headed to the checkout. While waiting in line, I noticed that my two big toes had completely smudged! Sad face.

Harley, who was patiently waiting in the luxury rental car, gave me permission to run back to the nail salon for a quick fix. And thankfully the little ladies were more than willing to help me out – but they had a very puzzled face when I explained that I had gone shoe shopping. “You must wait 20 minutes!” was their command to me. Lesson learned.

Friday’s fun: My first Durham Bulls baseball game

Matt and I both had the day off for Good Friday, so we wanted to do something fun. He surprised me with tickets to the Durham Bulls game, and picked out a quick/healthy/inexpensive dinner with vegetarian options (was deelish!).


The game was quite fun. Although the Bulls are in the minor league, they have a great ball park – small enough that all seats are pretty good, friendly fans, a community feel, and apparently great beer (if you’re into that). I however, was more into hot coffee and a funnel cake. What? The temps were steadily dropping throughout the game – it was in the 40s when we left. If we return for a warmer game though, I will be enjoying the frozen custard 🙂

Today’s thought: whole foods hot bar is deceivingly expensive

I was craving pancakes this morning for breakfast. Sadly, I have no more of my favorite pancake mix, and am out of eggs to be able to whip up some batter from scratch. Couple that with the fact that my roommate’s Keurig machine has decided to only make pathetically weak coffee for us now, and it seemed like a better option to leave the apartment for breakfast. Matt is a huge fan of Whole Foods (aren’t we all?) so we walked over for breakfast. See, walking that 1/2 mile definitely makes you feel better about eating a calorically-dense breakfast. It also gets your Krebs cycle going….

In the wonderful land that is the Whole Foods hot bar, I did my best to use my divided plastic plate for some type of nutritional balance. One section for protein (scrambled eggs), one section for fruit (plantains, pineapple, strawberries and grapefruit) and one for carboliciousness (piece of french toast). Add a cup of coffee, and I’ve landed in the $8-9 range. Yikes. Matt and I went to Carrboro’s Weaver Street Market for a similar breakfast last weekend, and paid only $10 for the both of us. Here’s the reason why:

Whole Foods’ hot bar: $7.99/lb
Weaver Street Marker: $5.99/lb

Hmmm… cheap breakfasts out may stick to Carrboro from now on. Whole Foods may have more variety, but I think Weaver is just as good quality, and perhaps a tad on the fresher side. Plus, better people watching in Carrboro (we sometimes pretend we’re on the set of Portlandia…).


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