biochem and baby carrots

Happy Hump Day to you all!

I have some significant accomplishments to share with you. The following two events occurred today:

  1. I survived our third biochemistry exam of the semester
  2. I ate 12 baby carrots

Which is more impressive? It’s a close call, I tell you.

It may seem surprising that a vegetarian dietitian like myself is amazed at her carrot-eating day. For me, however, carrots are not the delicious, low-calorie snack that so many people love to mindlessly munch on. It would certainly be convenient if I liked them. But I don’t. They just have that “carroty” taste, which has no appeal to my selective taste buds. Now, grated or cooked in dishes, it’s fine. I often grate them into spaghetti sauce as a clever disguise.

However, with all my studying-induced snacking lately, I wanted to make some healthier choices. At my Trader Joes shopping event yesterday, I picked up a bag of baby carrots, and a tub of organic hummus. With enough hummus is a flavor vehicle, I told myself I could finish off that bag of baby carrots. And lo and behold, I packed a dozen of those little orange guys with my snack today, and ate every single one.

If you need any convincing that baby carrots are the most fun, exhilarating snack, look no further than these videos:


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