whispering to babies and dogs

I dog-sat for a friend this past weekend, and heard back that the dog is missing me like crazy since being reunited with her mom. “What did you do with her this weekend?” my friend questioned me. “Nothing special. I worked on taxes and she played with Harley’s toys”.

Dogs and I have always gotten along. Even skittish rescue dogs seem to trust me and feel comfortable around me. Maybe I’m a dog whisperer. Or maybe my social awkwardness around humans leaves me better suited to animal bonding.

Either way, I have been trying to add “baby whisperer” onto my resume over the past few months. Not a baby of my own, of course, but a 5 month old that I’ve been babysitting a few afternoons a week this semester. Last month, the parents have transitioned to her taking naps in the crib and teaching her to self-sooth (rather than depending on the stroller and walks to put her to sleep). I have had a heck of a time trying to get her to sleep in the crib – she either seems mad/angry/crying, or extremely happy and wanting to play with her toys. But tired/sleepy/ready for naps? Rarely. This whole conundrum is frustrating – both for the parents (I assume) who are left to deal with a overtired baby (which you would think would make it easier for them to nap the next time… WRONG I have learned!) as well as frustrating for me, because I want to be able to excel at this!

Turns out maybe this baby whispering is harder than my nutritional biochem course this semester! haha

Anyway, I prepared myself for today’s babysitting, after reading up on their preferred parenting style when it comes to naps/sleeping routines. And guess what? The darling girl went to sleep within 10 minutes of me placing her in the crib! This gave me 90 minutes to study protein and vitamin biochemistry for our exam tomorrow. Success! Now we just have to hope that this continues on future afternoons together…


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