we’re back in action

Dearest reader,

Thank you for checking back in. Apologies for the slight pause in blog entertainment – who knew that taking five courses in graduate school could be such a handful and leave one with little time to spare for blogging capabilities?

Anyway, since it is already April and there is only one month left in this crazy semester, I am resolving to blog everyday this month. That’s right, each day this month, you will find something fun to read on this blog. I promise. And then once May hits… I will do my best 🙂

Thoughts for today?

  1. I filed my taxes this year. This was the first time I completely did it on my own, and I’m slightly paranoid that the IRS is going to audit me. Not because I’m hiding anything (I’m a dietitian back in school full-time… what could I possibly have to hide?)… I just hope I answered all those boxes correctly and didn’t leave any numbers out.
  2. Nutritional biochemistry has consumed my life this semester. My faithful study group met this weekend for a total of 5 hours of studying protein biochemistry and fat-soluble vitamins. And yes, these are all topics I have learned before… but guess what? Biochemistry is not one of those topics that sticks with you for years down the road. Sorry professor. I mean, I get the gist of how proteins are metabolized, but all those little enzymes and transamination pathways are just a pain in the rear.
  3. Matrix is having his first visit to a collision center tomorrow for some repair. Turns out, driving in a parking lot of a busy shopping center is dangerous. Especially if you’re 16, just got your license, and back out into other people’s well-behaving cars (—> matrix). Just a little side dent, and I don’t have to pay a penny (especially thankful since the estimate is for $1400!!). I will admit to being excited about the rental car I get for a week – what type of new luxury vehicle will I be cruising with through the streets of Chapel Hill? Stay tuned…

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