Big white taxi

Thankfully, the whole process this morning of dropping off Matrix and getting my rental car went smoothly and quickly. I had prepared for long waits and brought several grad school readings, but only got through about half of that before the Hertz man was at the collision center, with my rental car ready.

So… what do you think I’ll be driving around this week?

Sadly, it’s not a fun little hatchback. Or a compact car. No, when someone else’s insurance is paying, they give you a full-size car, which to me feels like driving a school bus. But a school bus with a very smooth ride, might I add.

It’s a nice white Chevy Impala, with a slightly smoky/stale interior smell, but a nice drive and BONUS satellite radio. I listened to Martha Stewart radio during the drive home from Hertz and learned about some fun new vegetarian recipes 🙂

Perhaps I’ll get a picture of the car to show you all. If it can make it a few hours without becoming coated in yellow pollen!


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