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Today’s thoughts

Google Documents

It makes me feel old, but I don’t remember the luxury of google docs when I was in undergrad. But now that I’m back in school, it seems like this is the way to conduct all group projects. And is just me, or does it remind anyone else of the old TV show Ghostwriter when you can see someone else in your group typing in the document??

Pretty Baby, Ugly Baby

It seems like a lot of my friends and “friends” (= bloggers that I follow and feel like I know, but obviously have never met) are having babies these days. Seriously, everyday there are more baby pictures taking over my facebook news feed! And while some are totally adorable and make me smile, some are just not attractive. At all. And it kinda makes me feel bad for their parents / my friends.

So then I wonder why some babies are born without the gift of physical attractiveness. I guess some of them grow out of it and become cute, because the proportion of ugly babies to ugly adults doesn’t seem to be constant. And do their parents realize that they’re ugly? Probably not. So I suppose we should all learn to smile and wave at all babies, regardless of level of cuteness, and not react as did Kramer 🙂

Canine Canines

This is regarding your dog’s dental care. Harley went to the vet today for a dental exam. Apart from having a lot of teeth worn down to nothing, the others all are in good shape…. except for one infected bad guy who needs to come out. So there goes $500….. yuck. Harley is grateful that I have a few work opportunities this semester, so he doesn’t have to go out and get a job 🙂

Read ‘em and Leave ‘em

And to end this random collection of thoughts… I have had an explosion of magazine subscriptions in 2012, thanks to air miles that aren’t enough to buy a plane ticket, but can buy me lots and lots of magazines. I now subscribe to Time, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, New York Magazine, Health, and something else I’m forgetting. The stack on my nightstand is getting insane! The rare moments I get for leisure reading have been consumed by books (and I have stacks of those too!), and the magazines were worried about their impending neglect.

Then I had a thought. Cardio machines at the gym are a great use of magazine-reading time. It’s also a motivator to get me to the gym. And the best part? It forces me to stay on the machine until I go through the magazine cover-to-cover, after which I can leave the magazine at the gym for the next exerciser. Win-win! No more piles of magazines around my apartment, and no more pounds creeping up on me… (hopefully!)



today’s notes

A few things that have happened today:

My biochem textbook arrived in the mail
Biochem will likely be my most challenging class this semester. Lucky for me, I have two more biochem classes after this one to savor.
So… our first exam is two weeks from today, and I have yet to really start studying. I’ve been rationalizing this procrastination by the fact that my textbook still hasn’t arrived in the mail, so how can I possibly study?
And then I opened my mailbox today and there it was. Wrapped in brown paper, rolled up and stuffed sideways in the mailbox. Ready to be helpful. I hope! We’ll see how successful my studying goes. I foresee many flashcards in my future….

I started back up with my personal trainer
My last training session was December 6. So yeah… that’s been 6 weeks. Now, I haven’t been completely sedentary in that time. There were regular dog walks, a nice bike ride with my dad, and a few sessions with free weights. So getting back to a “real workout” won’t be that bad, right?
Wrong! We started with a few sets of squats, and then added the cable-weight-machine-thing and my quads completely locked up. hahaha. Sad.

I’m still emit “old” vibes
All of you who know me are well aware of my “old lady” persona. The fact that I wear matronly clothes, enjoy friday craft nights, am almost always fast asleep by 11pm, avoid alcohol and foul language, and lack in the hair and make-up department. Oh, and how about that AARP has already made me a membership card…. TWICE!
Well today continued the trend. A friend discussed with me his new idea for a tattoo. My disapproval for tattoos has always been clear, but evidently he had really thought this one through and felt it wouldn’t be a meaningless/regrettable choice of body art. Quote of the day? I just feel like if I can get your approval on this tattoo, that I’ll be able to get my mom to approve.

Whole Foods sells clementines in bulk
So maybe this isn’t a huge deal to you, but it is for me. I HATE having to buy 3 or 5 pound containers of clementines, only to find that I took home a bad bunch. While I love sweet, juicy, clementines, I feel like lately there have been more dry, sour ones instead. I always think to myself, Gee, why can’t we just buy them by the pound, like every other fruit? And then… I stopped at Whole Foods today on my way home from the gym, and it was like they read my mind. There they were – a huge pyramidal display of Spanish clementines, just 99 cents a pound. I picked half a dozen or so that looked like winners to me, and have them sitting on my counter (in Pyrex… of course).


And so… that’s my day in a nutshell! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

spring semester happiness

Today marked the first day back in class for the 2012 spring semester of grad school! I thought I’d start the semester with another list of 7* things I’m happy about:

* (because 7 is my lucky number)

  • the maintenance man coming by this afternoon to fix my toilet and shower
  • Trader Joe’s amazing pesto pizza for dinner
  • comfy christmas gifts from the boyfriend (sweater, scarf and pillow pet!)
  • my 3 hour class this afternoon finishing an hour early!
  • possible part-time employment this semester
  • discovering Amazon’s trade-in program and making over $40 this afternoon!
  • my korean planner serving me well in these first days of 2012

Last post of 2011

Or the first post of 2012, depending on your time zone 😉

We finished 2011 with a bang! Nice to be home with the family, watching the New Year’s celebrations on TV.

I baked my last treat of 2011, courtesy of Southern Living’s recipe: Chocolate Velvet cupcakes with Browned Butter Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting. Delicious!


We spent our last day of 2011 doing fun things such as thrifting and antiquing – where I picked up my first piece of Danish Kobenstyle enamelware! The New Boy asked if I was starting a “new collection”. haha. Tempting as it may be, I rarely see this stuff, nor do I have the money or space for a new collection! In the meantime, I love the color of this piece, and can envision some pretty yellow flowers inside!

image  I still have a few days left in TX before we load up the Matrix and head back to NC for the next semester. My sister has volunteered to make the trip with me – so a nice sister road trip is in the works!

No specific resolutions for 2012 – I might work on monthly goals instead. My planner is already excited for daily use 🙂

Happy New Year’s everyone!