current happiness-producers

I thought I’d write a palindromic list of 11 things that are making me happy today

  1. Today is the first day of my winter break!
  2. The sun is out
  3. I started by day with a Dunkin Donuts latte, using a coupon
  4. Breakfast was delicious, homemade french toast
  5. My DVR is full of my favorite shows ready for my viewing
  6. I addressed all my Christmas cards, ready to send
  7. Holiday-themed postage stamps
  8. Pulling out my new 2012 planner from Korea and starting the fun of organizing/decorating
  9. The New Boy puts a smile on my face
  10. Dinner out tonight, courtesy of Groupon
  11. Getting to see my mom this weekend

What is making YOU happy today?


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