it’s beginning to feel a lot like…


As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I find it acceptable to listen to Christmas music. Which is a relief, because for the past few weeks, while driving in my car I have had to skip over my radio presets #2 and #3 because they had already switched over to holiday music.

Today is a misty day outside (slightly London-ish) and has been perfect for studying and getting ready for the end of the semester.

I’ve had Spotify on my computer playing Michael Buble’s new Christmas album, as well as the Christmas album from She & Him. I have my Christmas decorations up in the apartment and several new Christmas candles ready to burn.

Ohhhh.. and a big screen TV!

photo 1

Yup. I inherited the nice 42” SONY flatscreen from the farm, as an excuse for my Dad to upgrade to a 46”. Not a bad hand-me-down at all! We got it set up last night when I returned to Chapel Hill, as well as my holiday decorations.

photo 2

Today has mostly been filled with studying. And laundry. And a 3rd trip to Walgreens to finally get our Christmas pictures. I won’t post it on here, because that would ruin it for those of you who will get one in your mailbox. Harley is recovering from a sweet potato tater tot – induced vomit, but is otherwise doing well. He’s now sporting a Christmas-green bandana.

photo 3


One thought on “it’s beginning to feel a lot like…

  1. Ma says:

    re Harley: TMI.

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