Brr friday

So yesterday it was in the upper 70s, but today we’re only seeing upper 40s. Crazy.

Thought you might want to see some fall pictures:


My pumpkin, carved last night with grad student friends.

wreath My Martha-Stewart-like fall wreath, made simply with a wreath form, yarn, and felt flowers.


Harley also pulled out his Lands’ End clearance hooded sweatshirt to wear today for the chilly weather. Not really, I put it on him and he hung his head low and looked pathetic. But, I think he eventually liked it.


Things are going well here. After returning from fall break it was a crazy week, but now I have time to chill in the apartment and get caught up on all things domestic. Such as going to TJMaxx and buying fall and winter-scented candles (important, right?), cooking eggs with my handy egg-cooker for convenient and filling snacks, and attempting a gym workout. My triceps are still pathetic, but I can now do numerous sets of squats with weights and not feel like a dead man the next day (success!).

The upcoming weekend also promises to be fun – book club, Indian food with friends (my first time!), and a take home epidemiology exam that we always enjoy 🙂


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