Busy bee!

I made it back to Chapel Hill today, after a fun fall break with my sister! We went out last night downtown (yes, you heard the grandma right) to a free showing of Chocolat in a downtown park. It was fun! Perfect weather, small crowds, free samples from local chocolate vendors, well-behaved dogs (no, Sullivan did not go), and the hope of seeing Johnny Depp. He was in Austin for a screenwriting festival/event (?) but wasn’t able to come see us. He did send his apologies though…

So… after landing at the RDU airport, and picking up Harley, it has been a whirlwind of a day. To-do lists were made immediately, to cover things like:

  1. unpack
  2. laundry
  3. Sunday paper, coupons, meal plan, grocery list, grocery shop
  4. Refill Harley’s medication
  5. Finish fall wreath and hang on door
  6. Make dinner (to follow)
  7. Finalize etsy custom listing
  8. Study for biostats quiz tomorrow
  9. Send powerpoint slides for group project
  10. Listen to epidemiology lecture and work on case study

Out of this top ten, I’m proud to say that everything has been done except for number 10… and I’m not sure that will happen tonight. We’ll see.

Dinner tonight was a delicious recipe from this blog that I made a month or so ago. Perfect for fall weather, and even better as leftovers!

Tamale Pie

Base layer: black beans, corn, onion, garlic, bell pepper, tomato sauce, taco seasoning (all cooked together)

Middle layer: shredded cheese

Top layer: cornbread

Bake at 375 for 45ish minutes and enjoy! yum yum 🙂

Oh… it’s also Food Day today! I feel that I’m slacking, as an RD and not doing anything special to commemorate this day. I believe the nutrition groups on campus are doing some film showings this week; hopefully I can participate!


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