Sullivan – dog or fox?

Today’s post is dedicated to my sister’s furry, four-legged friend, Sullivan.

This summer, she became obsessed extremely keen on adopting a Corgi. She spent her days watching Corgi videos on YouTube, and emailing friends and family pictures. Then, she progressed to the next level – searching for a Corgi of her own to adopt.

If you know my family, you’ll know that we’re all PRO dog rescue. All of our dogs have been rescued, whether from shelters, other homes, or various dog rescue organizations. So, my sister started her search on Petfinder. Strangely enough, many of the Corgis available for adoption were noted to not get along well with other animals or children (generally not a good thing for an apartment dog), and one Corgi rescue even rejected her application on the basis of her being a college student and “not understanding the special needs of the Corgi”.

Determined and strong-willed, she pursued, eventually finding a Corgi mix in a Houston-area Shelter named Sullivan. From the pictures, he looked like a miniature Corgi. He was in good health (other than a flea allergy) and she was in love. Her application was fast-tracked (thanks to my mom knowing all the rescue people) and Sullivan came to be hers in June, after she returned from the family vacation to Florida.

Turns out.. Sullivan is VERY “miniature”. Like, 12 pounds. (I’m pretty sure Harley’s head weighs more than that).

He definitely has some Corgi in him, but also likely Pomeranian or Papillon. He has some serious attitude issues, barks at everyone (especially men of a certain race), chews underwear like it’s candy, and has cat-like behavior. Of course, we’re biased, being big-dog people. He’s like a foreign species to us.

But, we have all warmed up to the little guy and fallen for him. He may be spoiled (during this summer’s heatwave, he was often carried outside so his paws could be spared from the hot pavement) and full of spunk, but we all love him.

Honestly though, we just think of him as a little red fox 🙂



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